Edgar DeLaney Sr

Edgar DeLaney Sr

Edgar A DeLaney Sr

Edgar DeLaney Sr was a beloved Mayor of Avon Park Florida for 28 Years. He was an unpretentious man and a leader for the people of Avon Park.

He moved to Avon Park in 1919 to be the superintendent of the Mutal Crate Company (crate mill). He was superintendent at the mill for 17 years and at one point during 1929 when the banks closed, his personal efforts kept the mill going.

During the depression days when there was no assistance for poor families, they depended on Mr. Delaney and in desperate circumstances looked to him for help and they got it.

Mayor Edgar A DeLaney Sr, was the driving force with the chamber of commerce in establishing Walker Memorial Hospital, South Florida Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center, the South Florida Junior College and federal housing to Avon Park. He was instrumental in obtaining federal housing projects for Avon Park.

Mayor DeLaney and his wife Stella were the founding members of the Florida Avenue Baptist Church.

He was president of the Old Settlers Association for 10 years which is now the Historical Society of Old Settlers Association chartered in 1947.

Mayor DeLaney was honored many times for his dedication to the city he loved, Avon Park. In 1962 he was named “Highlands County Man of the Year“.

Historian Leona Maxwell, in her 1980 book “The First Hundred Years of Avon Park”, stated that Mr. DeLaney was “The most unpretentious and most prestigious man ever to live in Avon Park. Scores of people looked to him for council and guidance and during the depression days his assistance to families was immeasurable”.

Because of his lifelong achievements and dedication, the street in front of his family home was renamed to “South DeLaney Avenue” on November 25th, 1965.

In 2005 Mayor Delaney was honored (posthumously) by the South Florida Junior College as a “founder” for his role in the establishment of the college.