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Crime/Public Safety Posted by: Reposted by Central Florida Cities on Sep 29, 2020 12:07PM

Guess this is a message we are going to have to put out every election season from now on because people don’t know how to behave like rational adults: DON’T STEAL OR DEFACE CAMPAIGN SIGNS.

Look, we understand tensions are high and this election is extremely divisive for multiple reasons. However, just because you don’t agree with someone’s political view doesn’t give you the right to deprive them of their first amendment rights, and it definitely doesn’t give you a reason to commit criminal acts.

Taking somebody’s sign is theft. Defacing somebody’s sign is criminal mischief. Either one can land you in the county jail for 60 days.

The bottom line is this: If it’s not yours, don’t mess with it. You should have learned this when you were about 3 years old.

Here are the top 10 other ways you can show your support of your candidate or your dislike of the other guy without breaking the law:

  1. Make sure all the people who agree with your candidate are registered to vote.


  1. Get your own signs (you can get them for free) and put them in your yard. Ask your neighbors if they want a sign, too.


  1. Fly a flag (or several of them) from your home or vehicle.


  1. Write a letter to the editor.


  1. Cover your car in bumper stickers.


  1. Go on a 37-paragraph Facebook rant about how terrible the other guy is (this seems to be a popular choice).


  1. Hire a skywriter to promote your guy over Lake Jackson.


  1. Tattoo your guy’s name on your forehead.


  1. Tattoo the other guy’s name on your forehead with a across it.


  1. VOTE!


Of all of those, No. 10 is the most important. We encourage everyone to vote Nov. 3. If you haven’t registered to vote yet, you have until Oct. 5 to sign up. You can do it online at

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