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Customized Wellness GYN Procedures with Covid-19

Planning a GYN visit? Do you have questions about how COVID-19 has affected the offices and your visit and what to expect? We did too, here is what we learned.

I had the pleasure of speaking with APRN Amanda Lucero from Customized Wellness who was helpful in answering our questions in regard to how they provide the safest services during COVID-19. Here are some of the policies that are observed at the Customized Wellness.

In effect policies.

They are now offering more Tele-Visits, where you can get medical advice, test results, discuss hormone therapy, birth control options, and especially when an examination is not necessary.

Skype, Zoom, or Facetime, whichever is most convenient for you.

This also seems to be very convenient for patients as well, without having to wait in a waiting room and from the comfort of their own home.

If a visit is necessary Customized Wellness is asking that the client wait outside and knock on the door first to be informed when they can be let inside. Once inside the client will go straight to one of the examination rooms by their self.

Accommodations are afforded for clients with challenging needs and/or minors who require a guardian present. Fortunately, the examination rooms are large enough for the client a personal helper, and APRN Lucero to keep social distancing up to the 6-foot recommendations.

Also, after every visit the rooms are sanitized with anything the client may have come into contact with, thus sanitizing the room for the next client. The staff has taken the cleaning and sanitizing of every potential object where cross-contamination can occur, such as stethoscopes, clipboards, doorknobs, all of the chairs, and any other items potentially used or touched by the client.

Customized Wellness understands the requirements to be safe and through and that is why their staff are afforded enough time in-between visits to properly clean the rooms and other surfaces. The office is open to conduct routine GYN services as well as non-routine GYN medical needs.

Clients are asked to bring their own mask, but if they do not have one a mask is provided for the client.

What should you expect?

Upon arriving: Please knock on the door, it will be locked, but they are open during normal business hours. The staff will bring you into the room, or into the lobby if you don’t have to be examined or be seen that day.

At the visit: You will be asked to wear a mask and especially when APRN Lucero is conducting the examination.

The end of the visit: When you are finished with your visit, you may be asked to wash your own hands, and wait inside the room until the front counter is cleared by staff and ready to receive you. This helps ensure the safety of all clients visiting that day.

We appreciate the time APRN Amanda Lucero spent with us to answer our questions. If you are interested in becoming a client of APRN Lucero you can contact Customized Wellness at (863) 471-0995 located at 131 W Center Ave, Sebring, FL 33870.

James Leonhardt

Business Development Manager
Office: 863.658.4700  ext 955

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