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Highlands County Homeowner annual filling

Posted by: Reposted by Central Florida Cities on Feb 16, 2023 10:22AM

Message for Property Appraisers' office:

To Highlands County homeowners – the annual filing period for homestead exemption is Jan. 1 through March 1, 2023.

Please visit the Property Appraiser office on the first floor of the Highlands County Government Center, 560 S. Commerce Ave., in Sebring.
The following is a list of all exemptions offered to Florida residents:
• Homestead exemption (maximum of $50,000)
• Additional senior homestead exemption ($15,000)
• Widow’s exemption ($5,000)
• Widower’s exemption ($5,000)
• Disability exemption (varies depending on the type and level of disability)
If you have questions, please call 863-402-6659.

SOURCE: Highlands County Board of County commissioners

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